Sending Bulk SMS through Excel Sheet

People use their mobile phones to do everything from checking their email accounts to using Internet, accessing individual and business information, etc. With the rising popularity and extensive usage of short messaging service (SMS), using bulk SMS is a great idea for communicating with businesses and prospects.

Bulk SMS has different applications for businesses such as issue quick alerts to employees about urgent and critical conditions, send significant information to main customers or suppliers, thereby making sure that the information is obtained by the right person at the right time, send wishes to their customers or suppliers, SMS updates to sales employees, field employees, technicians, and so on.

As increasing number of businesses are depending on bulk SMS for their promotional campaigns, its significance is ever increasing.

We have seen the role of web-based bulk SMS that is suitable as well as prolific. Now, get prepared to send SMS to a large number of mobile numbers just from your excel file.

Yes, that is right. MSG91 offers bulk SMS Excel plugin at affordable rates. Sending bulk SMS through Excel will provide extensive flexibility and simplicity to the businesses. Excel plugin of MSG91 can be plugged with an Excel sheet and you don’t need to login to its website every time when a message needs to be sent.

You can manage your contacts and personalize your message in an Excel file and deliver your messages from it. You can even look at the delivery report of sent messages from this file itself. Doesn’t that make it all the more valuable? MSG91 SMS gateway allows you to send message through Excel quickly to all mobile networks all over India.

So, what are you waiting now? Use MSG91 Excel plugin and just start sending SMS from excel sheet right away.

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