Bulk SMS Excel Plugin to Send SMS from Excel

Bulk SMS Excel plugin is a significant tool to send bulk SMS using Excel . It is the simplest and most expedient tool to send bulk SMS. All you require is a computer with Internet connection and MS Excel software installed on it. You can download Excel plugin and install it on your computer. After that, you can buy SMS credits from any SMS service provider and choose a suitable SMS package as per your requirement.

Bulk SMS Excel Plugin

bulk SMS using Excel

Essential features of Excel plugin

• Excel plugin is the simplest method to send out bulk SMS from a desktop application
• Simple installation and setup
• Easy to use application
• The majority users will be already well-versed with MS Excel
• Easy and highly developed settings
• Manage a large number of contacts and information in Excel Spreadsheet
• Create templates to deliver SMS
• Create and send messages vigorously by making Spreadsheet data and Templates automated

For example, keep mobile number, name and amount due as data in spreadsheet column A, B and C. Make template like “Dear #B#, you have to pay an interest amount of Rs #C#”. Dynamically assemble these into the message such as: “Dear Rahul, you have to pay an interest amount of Rs 1066.” and send it to the respective mobile phone number.

So, these were some features that will help you send bulk SMS through Excel plugin . Apart from bulk SMS Excel plugin, you can use various other methods to send bulk SMS such as send SMS using PHP , JAVA, JAVA netbeans, etc. But, for sending bulk SMS using these methods you need the best bulk SMS service provider that can manage your entire SMS marketing campaign without any hassle.

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