Bulk SMS Excel Plugin- An Easiest Way to Send Out Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS Excel Plugin provides users with the facility to send SMS from Excel sheet straightforwardly; there is no need to go to any website. As most of the businesses use MS Excel for managing their client data; MSG91, along with its special feature to send SMS through Excel, allows all the users to save their valuable time and send customized bulk SMS for Insurance Companies, Schools, Colleges, HR Recruitment, etc.

Bulk SMS Excel Plugin

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Bulk SMS Excel Plugin can be directly incorporated into Microsoft Excel and one can send a large number of SMS to different mobile number in the single go. For example: if a School wants to send results of students to the parents of the currently held exam, it can send customized bulk SMS by referring the name of every student, his or her marks in every subject, and total percentage obtained.
Advantages of using SMS Excel Plugin:

  1. No requirement of logging into any website. You can send SMS straightforwardly from an Excel sheet.
  2. Send customized bulk SMS.
  3. SMS Excel Plugin allows you to schedule the SMS campaign, i.e., send SMS at a prospective date and time.
  4. Excel Plugin saves lot of your time and allows you to run your SMS campaigns without any difficulty.

SMS plug-in for Excel is one of the simplest ways to send out bulk SMS from a desktop application that most of the staff will probably be familiar with and have set up on their desktop PC’s. Its features involve; user-friendly application, simple and highly developed sending options, easy to create templates for customized SMS. It gives an easy access to a large number of mobile phone users almost quickly.

If you are a user of desktop PC and work regularly on MS Excel, then this function is extremely significant for you. SMS plug-in for Excel is the latest concept and you can send bulk SMS within few seconds by using it. All of your staff would be benefited with this function as it helps in saving time hugely.

Overall, sending SMS directly from the MS Excel sheet through SMS API is an added benefit for all those who are involved in multi-level-marketing (MLM), network marketing, direct marketing, stock broking business, schools, institutes, banks, etc.

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