Bulk SMS using Excel- A Simple but Effective Promotion Method

Group text messaging is a very helpful form of telecommunication for sending out invitations, reports and different kinds of information to your friends, family, business clients or to general recipient. Bulk SMS helps in delivering promotional text messages for products, birthday, marital invitations, sending business information and reports to all your customers or users. So, there are various occasions and requirements where users require sending personalized text messages to their customer list.

Now, you can straightforwardly send SMS to your friends, family members, and business clients through Microsoft Excel sheet using MSG91 bulk SMS excel plug-in for MS Excel, which is perfect for direct marketing applications.
You have to just import your information into MS Excel, establish an SMS message template and the plug-in would do rest of the things! The SMS plug-in will insert the message to every mobile phone number in the list and deliver each of them the same text SMS.

Bulk SMS using Excel Features

  • Single and bulk text messages
  • Send bulk SMS using Excel with personalized speed & Sender ID.
  • Developer API by which you can incorporate SMS solution into your software and can be automated
  • Grouping functionality
  • Single click SMS sending facility to a large number of recipients

It allows you to contact a large number of people within seconds. SMS plug-in for Excel is the simplest method to send out bulk text messages from a desktop application, which the majority staff will possibly be familiar with and have set up on their desktop PCs.

Bulk SMS API Excel plugin flawlessly incorporates into MS Excel and allows you to send SMS to mobile numbers all over India from your desktop using MS Excel. You need Microsoft .NET framework to set up this software.

Overall, sending text messages from MS Excel is one of the most simple, but very effective methods of sending bulk text messages. With this solution, you can send significant data from your computer to a large number of mobile phones. In this way, you can stay in contact with customers, business partners as well as employees, and you can send them further important short messages to them. The integration and use of this solution is truly simple, but you will save time and money with it and can make sure constant availability and pace in your corporate communication.

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