Bulk SMS Excel Software to Send SMS from Excel

Now, you can stay connected with your clients or business associates by sending SMS online from your Excel sheet. By using bulk SMS Excel plugin, you can send SMS to your customers in single go. Bulk SMS Excel plugin makes the task of sending bulk SMS very simple with setting up of messages & SMS alerts for sending SMS reminders, notifications, greetings, birthday wishes, and lot more.

Bulk SMS software is a tool by which you can simply send messages using Excel sheet. All you need to do is just download bulk SMS software, and then send bulk SMS by just making an Excel sheet of users’ contact and selecting these contacts to send bulk SMS.

Bulk SMS Excel Software to Send SMS through Excel


This SMS plug-in will insert the message to every mobile phone numbers available in the list and send each of them similar text messages. It is as simple as that, letting you contact a large number of people within seconds. SMS plug-in for Excel is the simplest method to deliver bulk text messages from a desktop application that most of the employees will probably be familiar with and have set up on their desktop PCs. Features of Excel Plugin are user-friendly application, easy and highly developed sending alternatives, simple to create templates for customized text messages.

The bulk SMS software also allows you to send customized messages with customized information. The powerful scheduler tool also helps in scheduling messages. Individual scheduling is an extra feature and very ingenious as it permits users to post text messages planned for different dates and time. If you need to send payment alerts to your customers, then this tool will let you send messages with the name of every client with different amount for every client and on different date without any recurring step. Everything can be done in the simplest way possible and in almost no time.

Overall, sending bulk Transactional SMS through Excel is a very versatile method and it can be used effortlessly and uncomplicatedly. And, this method is obviously worth trying.

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