Bulk SMS Excel Plugin to Send SMS Directly from Excel

Bulk SMS Excel Plugin lets users to send SMS from Excel sheet in a straight line. As most businesses and professionals use Microsoft Excel for managing their data, bulk SMS, along with its unique feature to send SMS from Excel sheet, authorizes all users to save valuable time and become more creative.

A bulk SMS Excel API can be directly incorporated into Microsoft Excel and one can send different SMS to different mobile number at single go.

For example, if a School wants to send students the results of the currently held exam, it can send customized bulk SMS by referring the name of each student, his or her marks in each subject, and overall percentage obtained.

Bulk SMS Excel Plugin


Benefits of using SMS Excel API:

  • There is no need to login to any website. You can send bulk SMS straight from Excel sheet.
  • Send customized bulk SMS, i.e., send different types of SMS to different users at the single time from SMS Excel API.
  • BulkSMS Excel plugin saves maximum time and lets you manage your SMS marketing campaigns with better efficiency.

Features of Bulk SMS Excel Plugin

  • Select sender IDs from drop down
  • Send personalized SMS to contacts numbers from any Excel file
  • Send long text SMS up-to four hundred and sixty characters
  • You can plan SMS to send at a later date and time
  • It shows preview for every number before sending
  • User-friendly menus and buttons
  • Get delivery reports by date
  • Easy to create templates to send personalized text messages
  • Fast and correct, can work on backdrop mode

Overall, bulk SMS API Excel plugin is a quick, customized, and scalable interaction tool whose efficiency can be checked and measured. It can be used to send promotional and informational purposes. Bulk messages can be delivered to all suitable GSM and CDMA mobile phone numbers all over India through excel plug-in or web browser.

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