Bulk SMS Excel Plugin

Excel Plugin for bulk SMS offers users to send SMS directly from Excel sheet. As most of the business professionals use MS Excel for managing their client data; there are many service providers who along with the feature to send bulk SMS from Excel, authorizes all users to save their valuable time and send customized bulk SMS.

Bulk SMS Excel plugin can be directly incorporated into Microsoft Excel and one can send a large number of SMS to various mobile numbers instantaneously. For example: if a School wants to send students’ parents the results of the currently held exam, it can deliver customized bulk SMS by revealing the name of each Student, their marks in each subject, and total percentage obtained.

Bulk SMS Excel Plugin

Bulk SMS Provider

Advantages of using SMS Excel Plugin:

  • No need to login to any website. You can send SMS straight from Excel Sheet.
  • Send customized bulk SMS.
  • SMS Excel Plugin allows to plan the SMS campaign, i.e., send SMS at a prospective date and time.
  • Excel plugin saves a lot of time and lets you manage your SMS campaigns with great simplicity.

There are a wide range of applications present such as Excel plugin, the bulk SMS software that comes with in-built SMS API. This helps you reach out successfully and quickly. The length of the SMS appends to the majority of online traffic. It is a very economical, highly receptive means of transportation that advertises provision of details, brings in loyalty, and strengthens branding efforts just like the way you wish.

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