Bulk SMS Excel Software for Successful Business Promotion

If you are a lawyer, sales executive, doctor, fitness trainer, or any other professional who is still using mobile phone to send text messages related to work, then now it’s time you expend the next few minutes going through this post. This post explains why do you need bulk SMS Excel software and how your life can be made much simpler with it.

As a professional you know your clients on the personal level, and offer them personalized services. Well so do others in your area, so how can you be different from others? And, what has Excel SMS software to do with it? You can be different from others by giving extraordinary service. Sometimes, we do not think differently and suppose that we cannot do anything more than doing currently. To understand this effectively lets go through an example.

Bulk SMS Excel Software


Suppose you are a doctor and given a three day course of medicine to Mr. Sharma for normal cold and flu. Now, you would think that every doctor will give the same medicines for the same symptoms. This is just where you have thought that nothing more can be done to give extraordinary service. You have restricted your thoughts here. However, if you think creatively about options available, then you will come to know that there are many ways in which you could even now offer extraordinary service. One of the simplest methods could be sending a personalized SMS on a timely basis by using Bulk SMS India. So, how does it help? It will pick up the number of times Mr. Sharma takes his medicine on time; thus he will get well soon. Additionally, with getting cured he will also be pleased with your personal attention and concern. This will make him suggesting others to select your services the next time they require it.
Apart from it, you can create groups of clients. For example, you can make a group of heart patients, another for diabetes patients and send them details regarding their diseases in the form of tips through bulk SMS API service. This will not only boost awareness, but also enhance their trust in you and thus your discussion.

So, you can send interactive bulk SMS from your Excel SMS Software. In case of our previous example, you could keep reminding Mr. Sharma repeatedly through bulk SMS until he validates through a reply that he has taken the relevant medicines. Also, you can upload the list of mobile numbers of recipients from a simple Excel sheet and get quick delivery reports of your sent messages.

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