Two factor authentication is essential for user safety

Many businesses have finally realized that security of their networks can’t be entrusted on passwords due to the great advancement in technology and hacking techniques. This made it essential to implement an advanced level of security system and thus 2 factor authentication service came into scene. As name suggests, in this security service there are two ways of authentication. One is physical for example, a user ID and password and the other one is virtual like a code or password.

With SMS gateway plugin for WordPress you can integrate SMS 2 factor authentication in your WordPress website. This system includes what you know and what you possess. When there are two layers of security it means that the probability of someone stealing your data or committing fraud is very minimal. If you are a business that needs advanced security for its consumers then this is what you need. It will give access to only the right person.

The working of 2fa is very simple and straightforward. The user has to first enter the username and password. After this they will receive an SMS that will give them a pin or OTP.  Usually, OTP is sent on the registered mobile number of the user; the number that a user provides during registering online on your website. This seals the unauthorized access and stops intruders. For WordPress SMS plugin India contact a reputed and leading bulk SMS provider that also provides OTP services to its clients.

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