Use bulk SMS Excel plugin to manage your hotel

Bulk SMS excel plugin proves helpful for every business and organization who uses Excel to store consumer data. Here we will be discussing how hotel and restaurant owners can use bulk SMS Excel software.

Advertisement: Advertising your hotel or restaurant is very important. With many channels that can be used to advertise your café, bulk SMS is equally effective one. Text messages help in making individuals understand that you are an option too, when looking for hotels.

Bulk SMS excel plugin


Booking and reservations of the guest: This type of messages proves really helpful in building trust amongst customers. Also, they give a person peace of mind that their reservation or booking is confirmed. Whenever someone makes a reservation at your hotel or books a table in your restaurant, you can send bulk SMS via Google spreadsheet that you have got the request and their room or table is booked and confirmed.

Send offers during peak seasons: Bookings in hotels are at their peak during holiday season. This time people seek great accommodations. So, take the benefit and send out great offers to increase booking and reservations. This type of message prove helpful in generating more enquiries and increasing bookings. Besides, using WordPress SMS plugin you can send thousands of messages in minutes from your WordPress admin panel.

Bills payment: You can send reminder of due amount to your guests before their checkout. You can also share details that how they can make the payment.

With bulk SMS excel plugin you can send thousands of messages at once directly from your Excel sheet to all or chosen contacts.

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