Use of transactional SMS in railways

Transactional SMS have got a lot of value in the present day world. Besides saving a lot of time, transactional SMS secure the important and confidential data and information of people. Besides it can be sent to a huge number of people within a very short range of time.
Thus it finds use in all fields including the government sector, especially the railway sector.

Introduction of SMS

In a move to make train ticketing and travel considerably more helpful for the travelers, the service of railroads chose to allow SMSs sent by the railway sector, as an instrument keeping pace with the Electronic Reservation Slip (ERS). The passengers availing of this service, receive WordPress SMS plugin from the railway department.


How does it help?

This essentially implies that travelers won’t need to take printouts of the e-ticket while enjoying their journey on the train. An approved SMS when shown through tablets or phablets or cell phones along with original legitimate personal ID of the passenger, then there is no need of the ticket slip.


The SMS has to contain many details like PNR, number of the train, the date on which the journey take place, class, name and number of travelers, mentor and seat number and the fare which is paid.
The SMS needs to be shown at the time of checking while boarding the train or getting off the train.

Thus bulk SMS API provider extends its service to the railway industry.

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