Transactional SMS- The best communication method for business and customer

Messaging is always a better method to link either with individuals or the targeted audience in a large amount. SMS has been divided into categories, and the best thing you can do is selecting as per the needs of the business.

Transactional SMS service is mostly used for direct communication between business and customer. TRAI established this category to stop unwanted communication. The content of SMS settles on its category. Generally transactional SMS are such messages that include informative content such as banks inform their registered customers regarding transaction, informing about live occasions like voting, etc.

  • Uses of transactional SMS
  • Helpful for important alerts.
  • Sender ID can be chosen accordingly such as LM-AXIS for AXIS bank.
  • Documents needed before activating any account.
  • Push SMS 24/7.
  • Message will be sent on DND numbers.
  • Unlimited authority.
  • SMS to DND activated numbers permitted in Transactional Route.
  • Transactional Route is on the go 24/7.
  • DND activity documents required for Transactional Route.
  • Recognized Sender ID present on all enclosures in transactional SMS.
  • Who can send Transactional Messages?
  • Registered organizations
  • Credit card companies
  • Registered educational institutes (only for sending important information to parents)
  • Airlines and Railway (only for sending ticket and PNR information to passengers)
  • Stock market DP alerts (only to opted-in customers)
  • E-Commerce website sending feedback to ecommerce transactions done by their customers
    Details about Transactional SMS Service

    Transactional SMS service is best to deliver updates, notifications, reminders to present customers, quick and assured delivery within few seconds, deliveries in DND numbers as well, HTTP SMS APIs usefulness, etc. Special offers for trusts, sanghs, educational organizations, Timing: 24*7 and 365 days. Apart from this, you may get best deals at the best transactional SMS price.

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