SMS Integration in Opencart System

An SMS gateway allows communication between your website as well as carriers all over the world. SMS is the perfect communication method to keep people well-versed and updated, as well as making a real time network of significant information. SMS gateway offers a dependable and secure business SMS services letting mobile workforces to be incorporated into process automation, increasing efficiency in operations, decreasing costs and offering a new communication channel.

If you require any SMS gateway incorporated website or application into your Opencart system, then there are many companies that offer full-fledged, dependable and safe SMS gateway method. All you have to do is to let them know what type of service you are using and rest is their work. They have enthusiastic developers familiar with most accepted SMS gateways and their HTTP or SMTP APIs like sending SMS using Java, PHP, Opencart and various other web applications.

No coding and nothing has to be dealt by you; the SMS service provider will handle the complete Opencart SMS integration process. It is very significant that your web store is incorporated into an SMS gateway with your merchant account. So, you can get an SMS with every order for your shipping status.

OpenCart Phone Verification Features:-

  • No change on your OpenCart core files.
  • Works with a standard OpenCart hook.
  • Can be allowed for Register page, Login page, Checkout page.
  • Supports phone or SMS authentication type, which can be fixed from an administration page.
  • Automated number format verification.
  • Phone authentication template can be personalized.
  • SMS authentication message can be organized.

This module permits Opencart to send SMS alert or auto response on unusual events. And, also administrator for sending message to custom destination numbers like single destination number, all newsletter subscribers, all customers, customer groups, all affiliates, and affiliate products.


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