Google Sheet Data to Email – Sending emails from spreadsheet

Google Spreadsheets have been gaining huge popularity due to its two-way features, which is very good for small teams to work on data collectively. Various teams are employing Google sheets and one question that generally comes from them is: How to send email from Google sheets?

There may be different cases where one requires sending Google Sheet Data to Email, few of them may be auto send email once target data is approached, auto send email to complete team, send personalized mails with data from sheets on the basis of Email Id, etc.

Google Sheet

Business managers like HR Managers, Sales Managers, Team Leads, Product Development Manager, Quality analysts, etc. use spreadsheets all the day. Many of them are specialists in arranging the gathered data whereas some still put efforts in sorting, grouping and formatting attributes. They use it primarily to make data lists of customers, sales, client lists, status updates, inventory lists and lot more. The next stage after making these big spreadsheets comes sharing parts of these data when these business managers do not have options and give way to emails, Google Docs or some intermediary file sharing apps.

Thus far, the best solution to work with spreadsheets online lets you share your data by concealing columns, setting filters and unswervingly emailing from your Google account. But, these again guide to different versions that have to be administered. Moreover, anybody can show a column or take away a filter and look at the remaining data. Locking cells and working jointly does not appear to be a cordial solution.




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