SMS Notify- A Great Method to Send SMS Notifications to Customers

Any notification associated with booking activity can be delivered via SMS. You can send SMS alerts to your customers and team members everywhere in the world and make sure they will reach quickly. Providers use a dependable network that will always send and authenticate receipt of your SMSs fast, no issue the length or where the receiver is situated. WHMCS SMS notify is the best example to send SMS notifications to customers.
SMS can hand out as a great help for email alerts. Whereas email is vast and accessible 24 hours-a-day, there are some disadvantages that SMS alerts can help outwit. Emails are sometimes setback because of slow internet connections or different reasons. SMS notifications are many times more consistent and have a bigger open and delivery rate than email. Various people use SMS alerts as their main communication and choose them for quick memento.
Your customers may exist anywhere; so you need to use a network that can go to any mobile number internationally. There are many providers who offer an international telecommunications network that serve 235 countries.
Your SMS notifications will reach your destination quickly. Networks use lines that make sure direct number-to-carrier link, decreasing the time it takes for your SMS to reach. At last, Trigger & Send is a method that allows you to take full advantage of Google Sheet. So, you can integrate it into your WHMCS module and send notifications to customers via Google Sheet.


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