OpenCart SMS Notification and Marketing

OpenCart SMS is a complete and prevailing module that allows you to deliver notification SMSs to your customers or administrators during different events in your OpenCart store and develop a strong customer trustworthiness through SMS marketing.

Unique Features:

Send text SMSs to customers or administrators all through different events in your OpenCart store. System also involuntarily identifies your custom order positions!
Activation or deactivation of all events separately on each other.

  • Personalization of SMS text for all events, feasibility to use changeable fields.
  • Multi-lingual editions of SMS text.
  • Support for multi-store.
  • Support for multiple admin.
  • Feasibility to choose for every event one or more administrators who will get SMS.
  • Multiple sender types.
  • Personalization of own mobile number for every country. Mobile phone number validation is needed.
  • SMS marketing with advanced filter alternatives. Delivering bulk messages same to a newsletter, allows successful targeting to preferred customer groups. This gives you the best tool for running an ad campaign, proclaiming the release of a latest product, sending discount coupon codes, etc.
  • Delivering bulk SMS from a vCard or CSV file.
  • SMS opt-out option for a customer in the shopping cart.
  • History of SMS with filters.
  • Data with filtering alternatives.
  • Unicode characters are maintained.
  • SMS delivery report to an email ID
  • API for linking an outer application to OpenCart SMS module.

So, this was SMS marketing through OpenCart. Apart from it, there are some other methods like send SMS using Java, Netbeans, PHP, etc., to send promotional SMS.


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