WordPress SMS Plugin to Send SMS from Your Website

Do you want to take your WordPress website to a higher level and offer people yet another method to link with your blog and put away your content? If yes, then you may want to discover appending SMS functionality into your website. There are various ways to use SMS to link with your recipients. You can send yourself alerts when people comment on your website or allow your visitors opt in to your website through SMS. WordPress SMS plugin gives the best way of linking with your customers, club members or subscribers of blogs.

Wordpress SMS plugin
WordPress was initiated as just a blogging system, but has come out to be used as complete content management system and lot more via thousands of plugins, widgets and themes. WordPress platform provides a complete WordPress plugin to deliver SMS with a highly potential WordPress SMS. WordPress SMS plugin India appends functionality into your WordPress admin panel.
You can make use of the WP add-on to make pre saved SMSs that are involuntarily delivered to contacts whenever a trigger is appended or some pre-fixed thing occurs. And, you can fix the content for the SMS that is repeated involuntarily in all text messages and the plugin automatically verifies the contacts to whom to deliver it depending on categories that you have already selected.
On the other hand, you may also integrate Google sheet addon into WordPress to post data from Google Sheet and send SMS using it.


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