Use Magento SMS Extension to Support Your E-commerce Presence

Are you using the Magento platform to hold up your E-commerce existence? If yes, then you might know that Magento SMS extension offers you a flawless and easy method to interact with both your clients and sales teams via automated text SMSs.

Easy to use Magento extension provides you with the ability to send automated order and shipping updates through SMS. With text SMS invincible open rates compared with email it is the perfect channel to keep your clients updated with their orders.

You can select from twelve different triggers to deliver automatic messages from the time when orders are placed, through to order conclusion. You can also customize messages by involving Magento data like order number, shipping code and different custom fields to every SMS.

This SMS extension is perfect for providing your sales team with complete visibility of the newest sales figures. SMS notifications can deliver you and your group automatic text messages including daily, weekly or monthly sales figures. You can aim your messages to particular stores, departments or areas. These important approaches mean inspiring performances can be remunerated, but also give untimely visibility to make sure targets are accomplished.

The SMS module has been created by Magento expert developers with developers in intellect. Our Magento extension can be customized to meet your needs.

Apart from it, you may also use send SMS using PHP, Java, HTTP API, etc., to send order notifications to your customers and make your E-commerce presence effective.


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