Steps to send bulk SMS through Excel

Initially, you require a panel for delivering bulk SMS using Excel Sheet. There are diverse organizations that offer diverse types of panels in the market for delivering bulk SMS. MSG91 is the best bulk SMS marketing and notifications platform all over India.

Here are some usual steps provided for how you can deliver bulk SMS through Excel sheet.

Upload: You need to upload your Excel file with the mobile phone numbers you want to deliver an SMS to. You can also upload a particular SMS for every phone number in a second column.

Counterpart: Choose the column in which the mobile phone numbers are accumulated, and if valid, the column that includes the body of message.

Number justification: All numbers are verified for syntax authority; you can modify the unacceptable ones.

SMS: If your source file does not include message bodies, then please create the message you want to deliver to all recipients.

Create the message body if it was not involved in the Excel file. You can create a text and deliver it to all recipients.

Initiate: Send your Excel group straight or schedule it to send off afterwards. The recipients can also be put aside as a faction for frequent sending.

The last step is to deliver your SMS. You can deliver it right away or program it for a soon after moment. Also, you may send SMSs via different methods like sending SMS using Java, PHP, Magento, etc.



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