Sending Bulk SMS through Excel Sheet is Effective Marketing Method

Promoting a product or service has moved from TV and the Internet to SMS. This is simply due to sending as well as going through SMS is a much simpler task and has proved to be more successful method of marketing. Today, we have come crossways different SMS marketing organizations that provide software to send ads to intended customers. Most of them are web based software for that you need to login to their website, select the numbers and send preferred message. There is a basic process to all this.

Send Bulk SMS from Excel Sheet

Bulk SMS Services

Bulk SMS excel software with Excel plugin will make your task even simpler. Now, all you need to do for promoting your product or service is to bring the Excel file that has the intended contact numbers. You can just send bulk SMS from Excel sheet itself. However, you just require the Internet connection for the same.

SMS software easily incorporates with your Excel sheet so that you have this alternative of logging into your account and send out the SMS. You can keep record of the delivery of messages, etc., from bulk SMS Excel sheet. Now isn’t it make your life easier?


  • Unrestricted and personalized Sender IDs
  • Login alternatives on Website & Excel file
  • Simple to use Excel plug in Software to send personalized Bulk SMS through Excel sheet
  • DND or NDNC safety on activation
  • SMS scheduling facility to send undisturbed bulk SMS
  • Bulk SMS sending facility by recipient’s name on Excel sheet

Bulk SMS Excel plugin provides users with facility to send SMS from Excel sheet in a straight line. This feature makes bulk SMS sending very easy. It incorporates with MS Excel and allows you to send SMS from computer to mobile all over the world.

At last, by using the services of bulk SMS India you could achieve short-term goals for your products as well as services within a limited time period.

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